Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016: A Year In Review

In 2016, I added a very diverse collection of new photographs to my portfolio.  In the summer, I took a week long helicopter in/out backpacking trip through the wilderness of British Columbia's Pacific Ranges in the Coast Mountains.  In the fall, I returned to explore some of the swamplands of the southern United States during the evolution of fall color and found the misty conditions I had been waiting for as the warm weather turned cool.  I also added some photographs from the West Indies and coast of Hawaii.  I hope you enjoy my picks for my favorite photographs of 2016. Prints are available for purchase in my Portfolio Galleries.

10. Earth Songs

The tranquility of fall color on a moss laden bald cypress as the rising sun illuminates the mist on a swamp in southern Louisiana.

9. Emergence

A mountain summit peaks through clouds and fog on the shoulder of an incoming storm.

8. Convergence

Streams converge over a patch of wildflowers at sunrise in the Coast Mountains.

7. Elegance

A duo of cypress trees bathed in fog and autumn color in the southeastern swamplands.

6. Autumn Revealed

A small grove of pond cypress emerge from the morning fog just after sunrise, dressed in fall color.

5. Unbroken

Mountain peak enveloped with incredible atmospheric conditions on the shoulder of a storm in the Coast Mountains.

4. Cypress Spectrum

An interesting light display with the calm water reflecting light from the setting sun with a grove of pond cypress falling into shadow.

3. Interlude

A lenticular cloud forms over this unnamed jagged peak in the late afternoon.

2. Mystic Meadows

A wildflower laden meadow and huge glacier at sunset in the Coast Mountains.

1. Enchantment

Wild asters complement this scene in the meadows of the Coast Mountains at sunset.

All the best for 2017,


Jordan Ek said...

Really beautiful collection of images. I really like the variety. The most powerful to me is probably unbroken.

Jim Goldstein said...

Stunning images Chris. Thanks for taking part in my yearly blog project once again. It's always a pleasure to see your photos.

Deborah said...

I love every composition! Wonderful work Chris.

Alan Majchrowicz said...

Excellent selection Chris. I especially like the images from Ape Lake. I've been wanting to get there for several years now.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a magnificent selection. No 4 (Cypress Spectrum) is my personal favorite. Such great light and colors and symmetry.

Take care -Stefan

Thomas Yackley said...

Excellent collection of photos, Chris. My favorites are the cypress shots, especially Cypress Spectrum.

Unknown said...

A gorgeous collection, Chris. The cypress spectrum is my favorite - just exquisite.

Patricia Davidson said...

Gorgeous set of images Chris! My favorite is Cypress Spectrum, wow! I wish you a successful year of travel and photography!

Todd Henson said...

Fantastic collection of images. I find the different cypress shots fascinating, from the bright color and pattern of 4 to the more subtle tones of 5 and 6. Really nice work!

latoga said...

Wonderful collection from 2016 Chris! I love Cypress Spectrum, the abstract nature of the light and shape catches my eye first and then the realization that they are pond cypress hits you...well done! Wishing you great light in 2017.

Rich Greene said...

Very interesting shots of the Cypress trees, "way down in Luziana!" I guess I won't be the first to comment on the amazing Cypress Spectrum that is a mind blowing image of Escheresque proportions!

Thanks for sharing!

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