Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top Ten Photos of 2012

2012 was an exceptional year... in the Spring I shot in Death Valley NP and the Eastern Sierras, and in the fall spent a week in Glacier NP. I added a very diverse collection of images to my portfolio, including snowscapes and mountains in the Sierras; dry and desolate desert photography in Death Valley; fresh snowmelt cascades through the meadows of Glacier NP; intimates of fall foliage; and night shots of the milky way and cloud streaks over joshua trees and old gnarled whitebark pines.

View these images and more, or purchase a print, on my website: Exploring Light Photography

Here is my selection of my Top Ten Photos for 2012 (click and image to enlarge):

Honorable Mention: Ocean Dreams
Beautiful soft light and incoming tide at sunrise on a unique stretch of Florida's Atlantic coast.

10. Mystic Waters
Fierce winds provoke crashing waves on the shore of St. Mary's Lake at sunset.

9. Years Gone By
Five minute exposure captures cloud streaks behind a gnarled Whitebark Pine, illuminated by a full moon.

8. The Dreamer Awakens
As the moon sets, the glow from the rising sun reflects off crashing waves and rough surf on a windy morning.

7. Endless
Cascades through the meadow of Glacier Park towards a vibrant sunrise and mountains beyond.

6. Fading Glow
The sun sets on a calm evening over St. Mary's Lake in Glacier Park.

5. Beyond the Invisible
A large joshua tree frames the summer constellation of the Milky Way, photographed in the wilderness of Death Valley. Single exposure of f/2.8, ISO 4000, 30 seconds.

4. In the Beginning
Clouds split the late afternoon light on a smoky day on Glacier's St. Mary's Lake.

3. Desert Passage
Reflected light of sunset on the salt lined flats of Death Valley.

2. Last Refuge
A lone sagebrush and distant dunes in Eureka Valley.

And my favorite, 1. Soft morning light on Mt. Tom after a snowfall in the Sierra Mountains.


Elizabeth said...

I love the Joshua tree photo the best - it looks like the light is coming from the tree!

Ed Rosack said...

Very nice set of images. I especially like the B&W ones.


Rebecca Jackrel said...

What a great set Chris! #2 is absolutely my favorite - Bravo!!

Youssef Ismail said...

Wonderful set of photos Chris. I like the Mt. Tom photo best as well.

Unknown said...

I vote for #5 - and would love to have that picture framed in my living room :-)

Wonderful work, Kudos!! :o)



Exploring Light said...

Zed, I can make that happen just let me know :-)

John Dunne said...

Just coming over from Jim's List, slowly working my way through :-) Some stunning landscape images here. Well done on a bumper year.

Timages Gallery said...

Fantastic set of landscapes Chris. Each is beautiful but enhanced by your masterful use of compositional elements. All the best in 2013.

Iza said...

It is the first time I visited your blog, found it through Jim Goldstein blog project. I see you have a certain style to your images, the backlit landscapes. I really like them, especially those in subtle, pastel colors- beautiful work.

Nitin Kansal said...

These are wonderful and inspiring images Chris. I love the death valley shot "Desert Passage". The tonality and composition and depth is perfect. It feels as if i'm standing there and enjoying view. Great job. Can't wait to see more of your work in 2013!!

dinesh maneer said...

Really nice images , have a wonderful 2013

Colleen Miniuk-Sperry said...

Hi Chris, found your blog via Jim Goldstein's list. Gorgeous collection! #2 and #3 are simply exquisite. All the best to you in 2013!

Kathy said...

Wow, stumbled on this via link from "Digital Photography School". No idea where Glacier Park is, but I thought I was completely a seaside gal (live on East Coast of Canada) but those trees and sagebrush .... so haunting, and stunning light capture.

Nikolay said...

Stunning gallery Chris, I love your landscape photography and composition, amazing light!!!!

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