Monday, January 11, 2016

New Release: Southern Exposure


"The land of the south is a stark contrast to may other landscapes of this country. But its history, charm, simplicity, and subtle beauty are unmistakeable. Bald cypress trees over a thousand years old, the white powdery beaches, stormy coastlines, and acres of rarely explored swampland come to life with the proper vision. Our latest new release captures the essence of southeast America, with each image showing a glimpse into its rich history, charm, and beauty across the seasons."

My goal with this body of work was to bring a unique perspective to the south and southeastern areas of this country.  I wanted to show how light and vision can transform commonly visited areas into beautiful landscapes.  After months of location research, I traveled extensively in these areas, often visiting locations several times until the light and subject matter came together into a compelling photograph.

It was not without trials, perseverance, and some hardships along the way... many early mornings, late nights, and kayaking through alligator infested swamps of Louisiana and Florida.  In fact, on one of my final days of shooting, and front came through and the bad weather caused my kayak to capsize, losing all my cameras and lenses into the water.

Still, I am very pleased with the results.  The collection is as coherent as it is diverse.  You see many different locations, color palettes, and photographic styles.  From intimate views, wide landscapes, monochrome and color, this new release is a special one for me.  It shows scenes from where I grew up, and where I live; an often visited, but sometimes under appreciated area of the country.

I thank you for taking time not only to look at the photographs, but to see the beauty that exists here.


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