Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top Ten Photos of 2014

   2014 was an exceptional year... in the Spring I took a solo trip to the deserts of the Southwest, a place that continues to call me back time and time again. I spent time shooting remote slot canyons of the Arizona desert, as well as some more well known landscapes in southern Utah. In the late summer, I spent an incredible week in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is arguably the most diverse area in the United States. Lush rainforest and countless waterfalls; rugged coasts lined with cliffs and seastacks; the high desert; wildflower-laden valleys; and glaciers along some of the country's highest mountain peaks - all within just a few hundred miles of one another.
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Here is my selection of my Top Ten Photos for 2014:

10. "Sacred Canyon"
Stunning vista of Arizona's unique canyon lands at sunrise.

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9. "Beyond"
A waterfall through an old growth forest on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge.

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8. "The Chamber"
A small chamber framed by pillars of sandstone in a remote slot canyon, Arizona.

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7. "Inspiration"
Unique conditions and a few moments of beautiful light on the Olympic coast, Washington.

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6. "Together Alone"
Blazing sunset after a clearing storm and 40mph winds at Stud Horse Point, Arizona.

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5. "Eternity Arch"
For just a few moments, a few days of the year, this small arch in a remote slot canyon of the Arizona desert glows with reflected light from beyond.

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4. "What Lies Beneath"
A frigid passageway formed by snow melt under a small glacier in the Mt. Rainier wilderness.

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3. "Let it Shine"
The setting sun illuminates a small cascade in the Mt. Hood wilderness, Oregon

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2. "Ever After"
Beautiful soft light on wildflower laden meadows looking towards the Tatoosh Range, Mt. Rainier National Park.

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1. "A Moment In Time"
Sunrise light illuminates Mt. Rainier, photographed from high in the Tatoosh Range wilderness. One of the most impressive displays of light I have ever witnessed.

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Good light and happy shooting in 2015!


Katy said...

I couldn't agree more with your number one choice! It is a really stunning photograph with an absolute explosion of color, mood, and emotion. I can only image that memory of this moment that you carry with you.
Excellent group of photographs! I hope that this upcoming year brings as many opportunities as the last!

Greg Lato said...

Chris, looks light a beautiful year of travel and photographs. Some wonderful light on your pacific nw trips! Here's to a photographic 2015!

Mike Matenkosky said...

What a great series of photos, Chris! Have a great new year.

Deb Snelson said...

Gorgeous images Chris! My fave has to be the last - what a beautiful foreground to a stunning sunrise! Thanks for sharing these! If I could share a link to my top photos 2014:

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