Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Announcement - Change to Limited Edition Prints

   As interest in my photography has grown recently by individuals, publishers, and galleries, I have decided, after over a year of careful thought and deliberation, to continue selling my more popular photographs as limited edition prints.  
   As a somewhat controversial issue in the digital age, limited edition prints started in the days of film; an artist would make a series of test prints ("artist proofs") prior to printing the edition.  The prints from the edition were typically made from the same plate, at the same time.  Artist proofs have been considered more valuable, as they reflected the progression of a print prior to its release.  In the digital age, limited edition prints are still requested by savvy art collectors and galleries; while the spirit of an edition remains the same, the logistics have changed quite a bit.  Photographers nowadays may offer an edition from just a few prints (in some cases, only a single print), to more than a thousand.
   Due to the divergence from the principles of the film age, the legitimacy of limited editions has been somewhat controversial.  For example, is an edition of 2000 really "limited?"  Does placing an arbitrary number on prints made seek to artificially inflate value, where value may not otherwise exist?
   Initially, I had decided to sell all my work as open edition.  I felt that limiting the views into nature I strive to make widely available was against my work ethic.  At the same time, I had lost sales from clients who would purchase a print only if it were a limited edition.  Recently, I changed my mind, and am quite excited about my decision.  As many artists have developed their own limited edition structure, I have developed a structure that I feel best balances the exclusivity of the work with my goal to share my art as widely as possible.  
   Thus, I have reconfigured my website to reflect my limited edition guidelines.
- Most of my work will be sold as limited edition prints (LEPs) in a strict edition of 200 or fewer.
- Once the edition has sold out, no additional prints will ever be made.
- Each print will be registered, signed and numbered.  A Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number accompanies the print and  guarantees the original work.
- In order to preserve the integrity of the edition, I am in the process of contacting all previous clients who have purchased a print that is now a limited edition, to provide a serial number and certificate.
- The limited edition prints apply only to prints with a dimension of 18 inches or greater on the long end.  I will consider smaller prints to be reproductions, and are open edition.
- Prices increase according to the number remaining in the edition, in tiers of 50.
- Edition numbers 1-25 are considered "Artist Reserves" and will be released at my discretion, usually only after an edition has sold out.

As I said earlier, I am very excited about making this big change in my business.  I feel it places an additional value on my work, which I cherish.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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