Friday, January 24, 2014

Illumination Alley

Sometimes things just come together... I've had my eye on shooting this location for a couple of years, but with trips to my hometown of New Orleans only once or twice a year, I have had not had as much opportunity as I would like. I knew when I was finally able to shoot it with the right conditions, it would be extraordinary! This is such an inviting scene, I wanted to create a photo that allowed the viewer to close his or her eyes, and take a walk down this oak lined alley. I decided to go check it out in the late afternoon during a trip home for a family event last week. The skies were clear, and smoke from some burning fields nearby really helped diffuse the golden light of the setting sun, accentuating the magical atmosphere that unfolded before me. I've added this photo to my New Work Gallery, and prints are available.

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